Managed to find a few hours away from a busy week of professional work to do a bit of urban exploration with my street photographer friend James. We managed to find a nook in Greenville I had somehow not yet explored. The light from this new find really speaks for itself. 

Renaissance Blvk

Spent some time in the studio today churning out some new content for a local blogger and creative Gio. Always a pleasure to work with someone willing to try anything. Things got a bit weird with a lamp shade...

UP: A New Photo Series

I am launching a new photo series that will be quite different from the rest of my usual work. UP will focus on the perspective of only shooting from below the subject of each photograph. The shift in perspectives definitely has opened up a new way of seeing my hometown of Greenville which I have been shooting every week now for over three years. More to come soon. 

Sunday Fun Day

I try to find a few hours to shoot everyday. Some days you make a lot of pictures and none really turn out well but every once in a while you snag something really great. The lighting last Sunday evening was perfect in this spot for about one minute but man was it perfect for that minute. 

Mistery Box Photo Shoot

I was tapped by a local entrepreneur launching a men's lifestyle product box service, Mistery Box,  to do a bit of photography. We were looking to create something that felt a bit more story driven and less akin to the usual look books produced for these types of things. 


Welcome to my life


This photo journal is going to be the landing spot for a lot of the photography I do for clients and friends as well as all sorts of odds and ends  I shoot that don't fit within the parameters of my street style blogs. 

I hope you guys enjoy this glimpse into my life and my work.